Improving user management

UX improvements for an error prone create user flow

Learnosity is a set of embeddable API’s that power assessments for 14.8M monthly users on the world's leading learning platforms and publishers.

The problem

The Learnosity Console is a self-service tool to help account admins manage their account settings and users. The product team identified a few problems that were negatively impacting the experience of creating new users for user managers:

A progress stepper to create a user for an admin persona.

A progress stepper to create a user for an admin persona.

My Role – UX design and research

For this project I was the lead designer and was responsible for:

The product team started looking at user management as a whole and brought together all of the existing research to identify problem areas. These were then prioritized as a team by looking at the problems that, if solved, would have the most impact and were feasible. The create user flow was prioritized because the problem happened often, impacted multiple user types, and was a blocker to users self-servicing.

Progress step where users give access to specific apps.

The user was prompted to consider what permissions they want to give, making sure they set the right access from the beginning, avoiding any issues and support tickets.

A step in the process that was often missed in the create new user flow.

The progress stepper broke down the create new user flow into sensible steps to help the user understand where they were in the task and avoid missing a step.

Learnings and reflections

This project was a great example of a product team prioritizing stories of from a larger epic in order to achieve the most impactful outcome for our customers. Through our brainstorming sessions we were able to explore different ideas around user management, create a shared understanding around the problem, and choose from a great list of worthy improvements.

Although the create user task is seemingly small, it was a task that impacted many users on our customer's side and our support team. When it was released, and unprompted, a power user shared their feedback:

"I like the improvements you made to the user management area in authoring! I was just setting up a new user! Thanks so much.""