Sydney Sea Life UX Project

In 2016 I completed the UX program at Tractor Design school in Sydney. Our final user experience project was to plan, research and provide improvement suggestions for the Sydney Sea Life aquarium experience. Before beginning my initial research we created some affinity maps and brainstormed as a group to pin point some possible focal points. My research consisted primarily of competitor research, scholarly articles on experience design (aquarium specific and non), interviews (customers before and after visit and people who had not been before), site visits and observations. I was then able to analyse my research and create some personas that enabled me to dig a little deeper into the emotional journeys the personas take from when they are generally thinking about visiting an attraction like an aquarium to how they actually experience the visit. I came up with three possible solutions that could be tested with their audiences. These included introducing self-service kiosks at the front of the attraction to alleviate queues, an interactive photo exploration experience and knowledgable staff in a centralised location to improve the quality of staff engagement and their interactions with the visitors.

Personas for Sydney Sea Life Research Hypothesis Worksheet and Survey Questions Sea Life Journey Map Darius Muller Sea Life Journey Map Darius Muller Sketching and Ideation